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Combine two great loves of art and travel with this collection of stylish hotels and insider concierge services. Found around the world, these boutique hotels and personal curators blend one-of-a-kind design and knowledgeable expertise to create memorable and aesthetically pleasing luxury vacations.

From New York to Miami to Paris, Rome, Turkey and back again, see the world from an artist’s point of view. Visit some of the most renowed museums and private galleries on a tailor-made luxury vacation attending to every detail right down to your favorite Picasso period. All of these properties and services take an innovative spin on the luxury travel market: art.

Anna DiStasi created Pinacoteca to provide a luxury travel service designed for a handful of guests to enjoy an incredible cultural experience. Pinacoteca’s Curated Art Travel programs include before- and after-hours visits to New York’s most renowned museums, private lectures on the history of art, auction previews and a personalized selection of fine dining at Michelin Star restaurants.

Each program is designed in consultation with each client to create cultural itineraries that meet and exceed all specifications. Although it is based in New York, Pinacoteca is currently operating branches in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Helzear defines itself as a “creator of Parisian moments,” and has definitely designed one-of-a-kind accommodations with a supreme collection of luxury apartments. Explore Paris the way it was meant to be seen: in the lap of luxury and footsteps away from its famous museums and most fashionable boulevards.

The Helzear luxury apartments are right in the heart of fashionable boutiques, inspiring galleries and cosmopolitan restaurants. Guests at Helzear luxury apartments will be advised on theatre, cinema, entertainment and concert reservations from an insider’s perspective.

IF Lifestyle Management offers a collection of experiences that seem to sparkle with ingenuity. By aiming to introduce clients to the multitude of opportunities that often remain unknown; these lifestyle managers reveal the full-bodied Italian spirit throughout Rome. Each client of IF Lifestyle Management is provided with a personal manager to guide them to a largely undiscovered world of art, culture and exclusive events throughout Italy.

Throughout history, Italy has been a global art capital, with Rome as the crown jewel. Each of the Rome Experience Selections uncover a world of treasures in this glittering capital. Specialized tours include a guide through Rome’s historic palaces and private residences with an art historian. Guests are introduced to Rome‘s network of international and local galleries through IF Lifestyle Management. A connoisseur will present guests to artists, gallery owners, curators and collectors as well as arrange private visits to artist studios. Other programmes include a survey of interior décor in Ancient Rome, a tour through Rome‘s greatest Renaissance Masters as well as a contemporary review of the Eternal City’s modern trends.

The luxury design hotel Casa Dell’Arte, found in one of Bodrum‘s most enchanting spots, offers a novel resort concept blending sea, sun and art. As the name indicates, Casa Dell’Arte is dedicated to original pieces and design. As the first and only art hotel in Turkey, the hotel experience at Casa Dell’Arte combines a gallery with a luxury hotel overlooking the sparkling sea. Each of the twelve guest suites are individually decorated with varying artwork from both private collections and host exhibitions.

Casa Dell’Arte invites guests to enjoy a luxury vacation decorated with extraordinary pieces as well as breathtaking natural scenery. The hotel has a private beach and jetty for fun in the sun. Tour the Aegean Coast on the hotel’s private yacht or enjoy a delicious meal at the gourmet restaurant, accented with fine wines from the private winery. A private antique automobile collection is also available for guests’ use. A stay in this one-of-a-kind boutique House of Art surrounded by masterpieces will be a magical luxury vacation.

Located in the hottest neighborhood in Miami Beach, Stay at Lincoln is a chic boutique hotel that artfully fuses the best of the past with forward-thinking technology in nine uniquely-appointed guest suites. Your Stay at Lincoln is like going to a gallery, with special in-suite art exhibits available for purchase.

Stay at Lincoln offers a modern twist on the traditional boutique hotel concept and a breath of stylish air into the always chic South Beach in Miami. Guests can also enjoy a loaded iPod, complimentary cell phone, beach cruiser and customized entertainment packages.

For more information and to book one of these incredible vacation experiences, please visit Helzear, IF Lifestyle Management, Casa Dell’Arte, Pinacoteca and Stay at Lincoln. Photos courtesy of Stay at Lincoln, Helzear, IF Lifestyle Management and Casa Dell’Arte.


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