Aruba Luxury Vacations: Fact and Fiction

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Breaking the Myths of Aruba Vacations

The idea of vacationing in Aruba has somehow spawned some myths that should be clarified post-haste. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to savor the very best experiences and memories that an Aruba vacation has to offer.

There’s no need to suffer through the freezing weather conditions of the world at large, and there’s every reason for well-to-do vacationers to spend time in the warm, winter sun as they sweat their stress and problems away.

One fact that you should keep in mind is that Aruba enjoys sunshine for the entire year. That’s twenty-eight degrees of average temperature warmth even during the coldest of winters.

Vacationers should realize that not every last Caribbean island is tropical. Aruba is filled with cacti and aridity as well as palm trees and sandy beaches. Even though Aruba is part of the Caribbean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all islands in the Caribbean are like Aruba. Just up north are black pebbles and rugged cliffs, while the south coast is filled with the beaches that Aruba is renowned for; ergo, you’ll be treated with the best of both worlds in terms of tropical beaches and wild-west-like terrain on the same island! The immense rock formations, at the very least, are gorgeous to behold.

One other myth that Aruba is famous for is its supposed propensity for hurricanes. The fact of the matter is that Aruba is safely situated away from the so-called hurricane belt (the region where most hurricanes form). Aruba is fifteen miles from the South American coastline and is at the very center of the South Caribbean. It’s an nigh-eternity of summer in Aruba, which is the reason why so many travelers, vacationers, tourists, and visitors go to this temperate island every year. It’s a place where the sun always shines during the day and there’s little to no chance of hurricanes, typhoons, and whatnot hitting this gorgeous shores.

Aruba is also not just composed of high-rise hotels and casinos. Instead, it has a very rich history of Dutch Caribbean and colonial architecture as well as cunucu houses that reflect the wealth of history found in this fine tropical land.

What’s more, rum isn’t the only drink available at Aruba. There’s Balashi, which is Aruba‘s own brand of beer found at the celebrated Charlie’s Bar, and Ariba Aruba, which is composed of rum, Coecoei (a crimson local brew unique to the island), Grand Marnier, vodka, and crème de banana.


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