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Australia Travel Guide

Check out the best places to visit in Australia – a total hotspot for luxury vacations this winter. If you’re not interested in the snow and ski season, head south for winter and check out the golden continent that’s home to startling landscapes, non-stop nightlife and a strong culture that combine into a country you’ll never want to leave.

One of the must-visit places in Australia is Melbourne, and there are a myriad of reasons. Melbourne is considered by many travelers and tourists to be the most stylish Australian cities around, if not one of the most stylish cities in the world. It is home to a combination of Victorian and modern architecture, plus it’s also the place to be when it comes to shopping, drinking, eating Australian-style (the New Quay and the Federation Square are highly recommended venues for the aforementioned activities).

Sydney—the largest city in Australia—is considered a city that best epitomizes the Australian way of life. Who could ever forget the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Rocks (the original penal Australian colony), the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Darling Harbor?

Sydney‘s also home to wonderful beaches like Chinaman and Bondi Beach plus entertaining shopping venues to boot. This is a world-class city by every sense of the term. It’s no wonder why Sydney remains one of the top fifty to twenty-five cities in the globe to visit; it can serve as a beach resort, a central hub of metropolitan life, and a fine dining paradise all in one. It’s filled with culturally significant attractions in the form of museums and enclaves as well as glittering beaches, the greenest parks, and first-rate restaurants.

If you want to be more attuned to nature, then a visit to Australia‘s Great Barrier Reef is the way to go. This coral formation—the biggest one on earth, in fact—is located on Queensland‘s pacific coast. It offers biodiversity that will leave you breathless and speechless. It’s a particularly recommended hotspot for divers, environmentalists, and anyone who wants to see for themselves the spectacular array of marine life within Australia‘s shores. In fact, this place is arguably Australia‘s number one natural attraction thanks to its largeness (1,400 miles in length) and painterly beauty. It’s a place that’s teeming with wildlife, which is probably why it’s called the Australian Blue Outback.

Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, the Red Centre is considered the spiritual and physical center of Australia. To be more specific, the Red Centre contains one of the most iconic treasures of Australia, Ayer’s Rock (known locally as Uluru). This reddish rock is considered the world’s largest monolith—in order words, the world’s largest single, massive rock formation. It’s a striking monument carved by nature’s hand that stands in stark contrast to the flat plains that surround it.



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