Benefit from the 2011 Discount on A&K Egypt Tours

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Benefit from the Discount on A&K Egypt Tours

Abercrombie & Kent is offering 15% to 45% off from the prices of some Egypt tours. If tourists were to make a reservation on or before October 31, 2011 then they would be entitled with as big as 45% off per person.

The Egypt tours that are included in this promo are the following: “Egypt Unveiled”, “Jordan & Egypt: Sands of Time”, “Pharaohs & Pyramids”, and “Signature Egypt”. First off, the “Egypt Unveiled” will allow the travelers to discover the most superb temples and pyramids and sail along the the Nile and around the Islands of Aswan. This will take place on October 20 and December 1, 2011 and interested clients will be able to save 45%.

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Meanwhile, the “Jordan & Egypt: Sands of Time” will let the tourists will all be able to learn more about Egypt and Jordan. They will also be given the chance to see Petra, Abu Simbel of the era of Ramses II, and the remnants at Jerash. Furthermore, they will be able to ride the Ms Sun Boat IV, which is an extravagant cruise ship that will bring the people to different places such as the Philae Temple and Aswan. This can be availed on October 7 and about 33% may be saved.

The third tour is the Pharaohs & Pyramids and this will take the clients to the crypts along the sandy lands, and see the statues that had been carved on the desert rocks. This will be available on October 4 and 18 as well as on November 22. As much as 17% is deducted from the fee.

Last but not the least is the “Signature Egypt” and this will permit guests to appreciate the beauty of Cairo and tour around the most beautiful attraction spots in the historical country of Egypt. In order to benefit from the 24% discount, the reservations must be done on September 8 and November 24.


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