BoujisBar Opens on Sardinia Costa Smeralda Promenade Du Port

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BoujisBar Porto Cervo Sardinia

BoujisBar, designed by Patricia Urquiola, opens in Promenade du Port, Porto Cervo, Italy.

The new lounge graces the Sardinia Costa Smeralda‘s fashionable Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo. Led by London nightclub guru Matt Hermer, the pop-up BoujisBar was designed in collaboration with hot Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola.

Urquiola has designed the space with an eye for Sardinian arts and crafts, highlighting local flavors with the authentic Sardinia wood and ropes throughout the bar. In the inner bar, the counter is made of simple wood boxes painted in different shades of white and black – giving a deep volumetric geometry to the space. A Sardinian tapestry, designed by Patricia Urquiola, warms the bar with the beige, red, brown, and black colours. Crinoline armchairs, Ravel Sofas, Fat Fat, and Canasta tables – all from B&B Italia, designed by Urquiola, complete the interiors.

BoujisBar in Porto Cervo, Sardinia
Promenade du Port; Open 1700-0130
Reservations 00 39 3473349925

Serving its signature cocktails including Watermelon Martinis and Crackbabies, fine champagne and a big dose of Boujis fun every night throughout the season, BoujisBar provides a home away from home for its members and friends holidaying on the Costa Smeralda. With DJ’s, mixologists and friendly faces over from London, Boujis brings top quality London nightlife to the Promenade du Port and in the process extends the ever-growing international Boujis family. BoujisBar also provides full cocktail bar services and DJs for Porto Cervo yachts.

Promenade du Port was built with the intent to revitalize Porto Cervo by bringing in culture carefully
curated independent retailers, art and design galleries, an emphasis on individual experiences, and
food that is locally made and sourced.

The new development, which has been constructed adjacent to the mega-yacht harbor, has been allowed to gradually evolve over the last two years, with 2010 bringing together for the first time all the key elements corresponding to the founder Andrea Brugnoni’s vision. Promenade du Port celebrates a new authentic and discreet luxury, where glitz and bling are banished in favour of bringing back soul to the old seaside village Porto Cervo.


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