Montserrat is a top Caribbean Hotspot for UK Travelers

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British Day Trippers Favors Montserrat

Day trippers from the UK choose Montserrat as their top destination in the Caribbean region. As a matter of fact, the number of British tourists that visits this island per year has increased. According to the recently collected figures, about 216 UK day trippers travelled to Montserrat during the months of January to July in the year 2010. This is apparently larger than the 68 British passport holders that visited the island in 2009. All in all, there are about 1,029 day trippers who have gone to Caribbean’s island of Montserrat.

From the island of Antigua, it only takes 20 minutes to reach Montserrat by plane and about 2 hours if tourists were to ride a ferry. Another means of reaching this island is by riding a helicopter. This just shows how accessible Montserrat is to all the interested travelers.

Montserrat has a long history behind it, first being a popular destination among celebrities during the 80’s. However, this island was gravely damaged in 1989 due to the hurricane Hugo. Moreover, the volcano of Soufrière Hills erupted thus covering half of the southern part of Montserrat with ashes.

But then, Montserrat was able to stand up once again and regain its usual Caribbean atmosphere. The place had once again attracted the day trippers from the UK with its wonderful surroundings. Plus, there is the volcano as a tourist attraction, the lively festivities, and hospitable locals.


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