Curated Art Travel in NYC with boutique agency Pinacoteca

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Pinacoteca is a unique boutique travel agency with an innovative spin on the luxury travel market: art. Anna DiStasi created Pinacoteca to provide a luxury travel service designed for a handful of guests to enjoy an incredible cultural experience.

Pinacoteca’s Curated Art Travel programs include before- and after-hours visits to New York’s most renowned museums, private lectures on the history of art, auction previews and a personalized selection of fine dining at Michelin Star restaurants.

Di Stasi is successfully bridging luxury travel and art by providing these art travel programs conducted by personal curators with PhDs or Masters in art history and experts in the fields of modern and contemporary art.

Operating under the belief that travel is an emotional experience, Pinacoteca does not operate with set departure dates or pre-conceived agendas. Each program is designed in consultation with each client to create cultural itineraries that meet and exceed all specifications.

Although it is based in New York, Pinacoteca is currently operating branches in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Dubai.

For more information, please visit the Pinacoteca profile. Photo by Ed Schipul


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