Discover Italy in 2011’s Romantic Venetian Carnival

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Discover Italy in 2011’s Romantic Venetian Carnival

See the real Venice through the five-day Romantic Venetian Carnival that will be held from March 4 to March 8, 2011. In this event, the tourists will experience five days of luxury tour, which will focus on the art and legends of the historical city of Venice. Through the celebration, the people will also learn of the eighteenth century Venetian masquerades.

Furthermore, the guests will also have a first-hand experience of the gondola rides through the channels and the passages along the lagoons. The people will also get the chance to participate in the masked balls to which Venice is known for. They would be living a world of fantasy through the extravagant dinners and shows in the famous destination spots.

The first day of the tour involves 18th century Venetian mask-making through a two-hour art workshop with the expert mask maker and this will be held at the previously-facilitating art studio. On the latter part of the day, a tour guide will lead the costume-themed parade along the historical streets of Venice’s lagoons. The romantic stroll, with lanterns on hand, will allow the guests to pass over the bridges and through the secret passageways that were built during the earliest of times.

March 5, 2011 is dedicated mainly for another costume-themed trip in Venice’s prehistoric places like the market town, fish market, Campo San Polo fortresses, and the historic Carampane quarter. The guests will also learn the ancient dance routines of the 1700s at the “Danieli Palace”, a popular hotel that was established by the family of Doge Dandolo during the 14th century. Some of the dances that will be taught by the skilled teachers are the cotillion and minuets.

The third day of the private tour will involve a 2-hour exploration of the “Palazzo Ducale”, the fortress of Venetian Republic’s Doge and also the center of the prehistoric government. The evening will leave the travelers occupied with a dinner in costume and a dance party at the Hotel Danieli.

On March 7, the guests will enjoy a day of exploring Venice’s unique flavors and aged wines through a short course on culinary art and a pleasurable wine tasting program. After this, the clients will get a chance to ride the gondolas and experience a gala dinner in a costume.

The biggest event will be held on the last day and the guests will all be brought to the Piazza San Marco. They will be able to witness different kinds of shows, which will be performed on the stage that will be arranged at the middle of the plaza. The last of the many adventures will permit the guests to view the parade of boats and gondolas along the Grand Canal. This procession will start from Rialto and will end at the St. Mark’s Basin.

As stated on some parts of the program, a costume is required for evening balls and dinners. If you do not own one then you may always resort to renting one for yourself.

Clients who are interested in this tour need 995 Euros per head in order to experience the whole program. The tours are inclusive of meals, skilled tour guides, and tickets to the places as specified. The promo, however, does not consist of transportation service, plane ticket fees, and hotel accommodations. Make a reservation as soon as possible since the deadline for this will be on the 20th of February 2011. Contact for more details.


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