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Necker Island Private Island - Most Expensive Private Island TrendParadizo has leveraged its insider status in the luxury travel market to uncover the latest travel trends for 2011-2012. Since 2009, Paradizo has worked tirelessly to cultivate an exclusive portfolio of elegant accommodations, customized services and specialized insiders that value an enriching experience over a luxurious image. The team behind Paradizo has gathered together the latest news and information to provide a comprehensive look at what has been going on in 2011 and the upcoming luxury travel trends.

Paradizo Luxury Travel Trends 2011 - HNWI by region

With extensive experience working with affluent travelers, Paradizo presents the top trends and habits of the world’s high net worth individuals related to luxury vacation plans. High net worth individuals include those that have over $1 million in all assets. The ultra high net worth individuals have accumulated over $30 million.

In 2006, 25 million affluent travelers spent US $180 billion on luxury travel, with a budget of US $7,200 per international vacation.

Paradizo Luxury Travel Trends 2011 - HNWI by country

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Out of the 10 million HNWI individuals,  3.1 million are in North America, followed closely by the 3 million individuals in the Asia-Pacific region. The Ultra-HNWIs account for 0.9% of all high net worth individuals, with over 36,000 found in North America and 20,700 in Europe. The United States and Japan lead the global community with the highest concentration of high net worth individuals, followed by Germany, China and the UK in the top five.

Luxury travel trends 2011 - Virtuoso Luxe Report

Taking a closer look at these affluent travelers’ vacation habits, in the latest Luxe Report from Virtuoso there are five exciting luxury travel trends for 2011. Family reunions and vacations top the list, as more travelers are spending their leisure time with their families and using their vacations as an excuse to get together the multiple generations in vacation hotspots. Luxury cruises, adventure trips, luxury private tours and fabulous stays in relaxing beach resorts round out the top five luxury travel trends this year.

Paradizo Luxury Travel Trends - Social Media

Staying on point with the flourishing world of Web 2.0, wealthy individuals appear to be more active in scoial media than most Americans. Internet is the go-to tool for these individuals, with 50-60% of all luxury travel bookings made online.

Focusing on social media, 70% of all high net worth individuals use Facebook and other sites like LinkedIn to stay connected with both personal and professional contacts. The focus on Internet doesn’t end with simple connections, as 40% of wealthy Americans download travel apps to plan their luxury vacations.Paradizo Luxury Travel Trends - Vacation Hotspots

France, Caribbean, Mexico and South Africa lead the world’s top luxury vacation hotspots as sought-after year-round destinations.

Some great winter vacation spots include Maldives, Colorado, Thailand and Switzerland. In summer, luxury travel trendsetters seek out beautiful locations in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Spain and Argentina.

Luxury travel trends - Top vacation products

What type of luxury vacations are these well-heeled travelers looking for? Some of the most extravagant luxury vacation ideas include luxury yacht charters or your own private island. Rent an oceanfront villa on the French Riviera with a full staff for the ultimate vacation rental experience. Or you can stay in a presidential suite in some of the most sought-after beach resorts in the world. For these fortunate few where price is no object, the sky’s the limit with the amenities, services and accommodations available.


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