Catalonia Restaurant elBulli Announces New Plans

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elBulli Ferran Adrià restaurantSpanish chef Ferran Adrià has announced the upcoming plans for his acclaimed Michelin-champion restaurant elBulli during his speech at Madrid Fusión Summit. Always on the forefront of gastronomy, elBulli‘s latest plans are shaking up the restaurant world.

2012 marks elBulli’s 50th anniversary, and the restaurant co-owners Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler have decided to celebrate the anniversary with a new stage of creativity for the entire elBulli team. The future of elBulli is now focusing on new research opportunities, menu innovations and a revolutionary design for the restaurant.

During 2010, Adrià explains that elBulli will be open from June 15-December 20. In September 2010, elBulli will release its opening calendar for 2011. The big news, however, is that Adrià will close elBulli for 2012 and 2013 in order to research, reformat and reinvent the menu, restaurant and ultimately, the art of fine cuisine.

With elBulli closed, the restaurant team will concentrate on its two creative centers, one in the center of Barcelona‘s Gothic Quarter and the other in the actual restaurant in Cala Montjoi. The elBulli team will be analyzing gastronomic elaborations, techniques and styles acquired from over 30 years of creative research. The results will be compiled into a thorough encyclopedia of gastronomy.

In 2014, elBulli will reopen, armed with its new knowledge and innovative menu. It will be a new type of restaurant, where research is favored over production and the elBulli team continously seeking to break down barriers of the restaurant format.

In the future, each gastronomic season will vary in terms of opening dates, services, availability to clients, staff and more. Far from its original design as a gourmet restaurant open only six months a year and offering a set menu, the new elBulli will be not only a redesigned and cultivated menu, but it was also be a visionary innovator for the entire restaurant industry.

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