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Don´t take the risk! Your holidays are important

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Our reward after long hours in office during the whole year is our well-deserved holiday period. If choosing the destination is already a tough decision to make, choosing the accommodation is even more difficult!

When deciding where to stay we consider different aspects such as: the number of people we are, the budget we´ve got, the facilities we are looking for or the location within our destination.

It sounds like another job to select our holidays accommodation. But, that is not all, if you don´t hurry you will loose the best opportunities, the best housing choices. So, don´t take the risk! Your holidays are important. Last minute offers won´t fulfil all your needs. However, by booking your accommodation with extra time you will ensure you get the best for less.

Short of ideas? Let us give you some. Below you will find our 5 TOP TIPS to get the best accommodation ever.

1.     Destination. Beach or mountain

It is the kind of easiest decision to make. Depending on the season you might fancy one option more than other. At Paradizo, we can advise you either if you choose beach or mountain destination.

Ibiza is one of the beach destinations in more demand. Its accommodation on offer is wide but its demand is even wider which means you need to be quick! Either if you are looking for a luxurious villa with a traditional Ibizan-style or you prefer a modern villa, there are many accommodations which can cater to everyone’s taste.

In need of skiing? French Alps are one of the coolest destinations in this case. The ski villas are usually big which makes possible for families to stay together. For example, you can check out this Courchevel 1850 Chalet, it is a mix of traditional and modern, fully equipped and situated in the Hameau de Cospillot.

2.     Activities. What kind of leisure are you looking for?

Some people love museums and culture while others enjoy admiring landscapes and feeling the sea breeze. For both of you we suggest a destination like Cadaqués, an enchanting Spanish town famous thanks to the artist called Salvador Dalí.

Ses Vistes is a luxury villa situated in the Bay of Port Lligat, Cadaqués, on the spectacular Cap de Creus peninsula in the north of the Costa Brava. With breath taking views of the Bay of Port Lligat, the Mediterranean and the National Park of Cap de Creus, it’s little wonder that the area has been a haven and inspiration for artists over the years including Picasso, Chagall, and, most famously, Salvador Dali who lived and painted in Port Lligat for much of his life.

Besides, for those interested in Dalí´s life, it is a must visiting his house. You will discover amazing secrets about his existence.


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Ibiza Luxury Villa

3.     Date. Fixed or flexible?

In any case, you should book your accommodation in advance. When you have no flexible holidays the sooner you book the better as you will ensure you´ve got your favourite accommodation before no one else takes it. Conversely, if you have the advantage of choosing your days off from work you should also look for accommodation in advance so you can ensure the best price for the best accommodation.

4.     Villas vs. hotels.

Hotels have got lots of room so it might be easier to find last minute deals. Yet, villas are usually more exclusive. Villas can offer more facilities and services and they are definitely the best way to get privacy. That is why there are some holiday villas which tend to have recurring customers.

So, if you have spotted the perfect villa to spend your holidays, go for it! And go quick! 

5.     Get backed. Book within a trustworthy company.

Let´s confess it. All of us book our holidays online, at least most of us. It is okay if we know our rights and the commitment the online company has acquired by selling us a service.

At Paradizo you will find the commitment and the smart advice you need. Besides, we personally make sure your holidays are as expected by providing a seamless booking process and also customised services according to your needs.. Give it a try: find your tailor-made accommodation.


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