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Ibiza Beach Vacations 2011

Ibiza, which is an island with a size of 15 miles in width and 30 miles in height, is found in the east coast of Spain and is near Menorca and Mallorca. By law, this small island is definitely part of the country of Spain. Even though the culture of this place is incomparable to others, one can still get the feel that he or she is exploring a small area of Spain.

There are many beaches that can be visited by travelers in this minute island such as the Es Cavallet, S’Argamassa, Las Salinas, Sol d’En Serra, and Cala Jondal. And, various kinds of activities may be enjoyed by the tourists in each of these beautiful shores of Ibiza.

S'Argamassa Beach in IbizaFirst of all, there is the Es Cavallet, which is popular for the natural reserves, Sea Salines salt flats, and the flamingos that flock in the shallow bodies of water. The people who usually visit this shore are mostly the gay population and many are also nudists.

Next is the S’Argamassa beach, which is a secluded-type of beach that can be enjoyed by people who do not like crowded places. But then, tourists can still enjoy their stay through an assortment of water activities such as windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, etc.

Las Salinas is among the most popular beaches due to its nightlife that involves dance parades. The beach is perfect for the jet-set mass but even the nudists and families enjoy this particular beach as well.

Cala Jondal Beach in IbizaOn the other hand, there is the Sol d’En Serra, which is a rocky-type of shore that is famous for the beautiful views, stunning cliffs, and the mysterious coves. People who are into snorkeling and scuba diving may try visiting this specific beach in Ibiza.

Last but not the least is the Cala Jondal beach and different kinds of people gather in this area such as families and fashion enthusiasts. People who love magnificent sceneries drop by this shore due to the stony red cliffs, the clear blue waters, and the attractive pine forests.

Photos by David de Mallorca: flickr.com/photos/7925851@N02/1673083010, Jaume Meneses: flickr.com/photos/jaumemeneses/1590139385, and ST33VO: http://www.flickr.com/photos/st33vo/557579012


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