ILTM Report: The Future of Luxury Travel

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ILTM Report: The Future of Luxury Travel

The new themes for vacations in 2011 and 2012 are looking bright and promising as ever, to say the least. The worldwide luxury travel research project commissioned by the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) predicts the future of luxury travel while be defined by seamless service, simplicity, value, and personal relationships as its keys to success.

This report has uncovered that there was a change in pattern in terms of luxury travel demands around the globe. During the event, the demand changes from the four profiles were discussed at length. The bottom line of the report appears to be that luxury travelers nowadays are more concerned with stimulation and entertainment than simple pampering.

The recently published report was submitted to Shanghai by ILTM Asia in an invitation-only gathering for the most prestigious and elite luxury travel buyers from all over the Asia Pacific. The project’s unveiling celebration helped spur discussions on the future of world’s most incredible luxury travel experiences.

The profile highlights of the report for 2011 to 2012 luxury travel divide the modern traveler into different categories: the Streetwise Purchaser, a younger social media specialist, Candidates to Luxury who expect high quality and high service from their travels, the Explorer who seeks incredible experiences at unlimited budgets, and the Independent-Minded Vacationers who are looking for personalized, active, and authentic luxury vacation experiences.

The research conducted by ILTM takes into account the influence of the recent financial meltdown and the incredible rise in demand for luxury from the aforementioned growing markets. The Explorer is ready to pay any price for a once-in-a-lifetime experience off the beaten tracks. Meanwhile, the Independent Minded Luxury Traveler is in search for genuine, straightforward, and committed vacation deals that allows him to experience the local environment to the fullest; he’s the kind of man who loves to immerse himself in the culture and history of a given destination. As for the Candidate to Luxury, time is of the essence, so a well-scheduled, fully controlled, and robust trip is a must for him.

Every minute of every day must be jam-packed with activities that work seamlessly as a whole experience once his journey is at an end. As for the Streetwise Purchasers who have all the luxury travel world’s information right at their fingertips thanks to the ever-ubiquitous Internet, they’ll mostly depend on blog reviews, social media recommendations, and online travelogues to make their decision for them. The most important demand they have is prices and rates because it’s quite easy to hunt down this information on the worldwide web. Value-added service is the key to their overall satisfaction. Knowledge is power for everyone involved, especially in light of the fact that we’re in the information age at present.


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