Karen W. Escalera comments on Luxury Travel Lifestyle Trends

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As a top marketing and public relations expert in luxury travel, hospitality and real estate as well as one of the “Top Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing,” Karen W. Escalera certainly is well-acquainted with the luxury travel market. Last month, she published her thoughts on what she calls the “seismic shift” in the luxury travel industry.

Acutely aware of the industry’s re-invention, Escalera follows savvy luxury retailers as they navigate the re-inventing market. From strategic business alliances to keeping up with social media, Escalera points out key points for creating new paths in the luxury travel market.

“Is there such a thing as a truly new luxury hotel product?” Escalera looks to Studio 54 creator-turned-hip-hotelier Ian Schraegar on his new Marriott-partnered “Edition” lifestyle hotels that promise a unique experience. Stay tuned to see if the hotels will be an entirely new breed or just another look at refined aesthetics.

An interesting point that Escalera makes is about “reinvention travel.” In an age when the economic downturn has taken its toll on corporate incentive travel, a new way to address business travel is by introducing incentives involving professional and personal development.  Ideas like mentoring sessions, team building exercises, charitable activities and life coach workshops could bring a new look to the corporate travel game. Escalera also mentions important strategic alliances to create innovative new revenue streams like teaming with colleges and universities as a variation on traditional study abroad concepts.

“Today’s less ostentatious affluents are rediscovering the simple joys of creativity and self expression.” Luxury travel companies can meet those news by offering inspirational incentives mixing art and travel. This idea comes to fruition in Casa Dell’Arte, the luxury design hotel in Bodrum that mixes a seaside resort with a museum. The hotel offers a varied hotel experience: stay in master suites decorated with original artwork, view the in-house private collections and cruise on a yacht charter into the Aegean.

Finally, Escalera points out the growing need for luxury lifestyle companies to take advantage of the ever-increasing opportunities in social media and the Internet. Luxury hotels are breaking into the Internet, offering 24/7 concierge services on Twitter and sought-after designers are broadening their audience by inviting a wider base into the most priviledged information. You can follow Paradizo.com on their Twitter page, offering the latest news and tidbits in the luxury travel and lifestyle sector.


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