Kimpton’s EPIC Hotel Miami Offers Personal Shoppers

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Shop Till You Drop with Kimpton's EPIC Hotel Promo in Miami, Florida

Kimpton’s EPIC Hotel in Miami, Florida has long ago lived up to its name with its quality service and accommodations. However, to be truly “epic”, it has now raised the bar and upped the ante by including the services of a personal shopper with the price of a room at the EPIC Hotel. This should assist guests with shopping like South Beach locals when searching for the perfect gift for their special someone.

The Kimpton EPIC Hotel personal shoppers are longtime residents of Miami and employees of the hotels. They have self-acclaimed credentials when it comes to knowledgeable and street smart Miami shopping. Shopping advice is free and readily available to everyone who asks either in person at the hotel or by email.

Fashionistas and trend-followers are basically instructed by the EPIC Hotel’s trendsetting Retail Therapist to go to Lincoln Road, which serves as the central hub for unique boutiques and the trendiest shops that are open even late at night to cater to any sort of shopping schedule the tourists might have.

Guests should book Retail Therapists help two days before their stay. At any rate, one’s shopping experience can make or break a trip, so it’s important for EPIC Hotel and its general manager, Joe Schwingler, to let people form a bond with the city they’re traveling in through exploration and useful retail tips by the locals themselves.


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