Luxury Options acquired by Hestiun

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The niche travel company Luxury Options has been acquired by a multinational, in a move to further position itself as a leading luxury lifestyle and services brand.

A 75% holding of the Spanish-based global luxury travel company, Luxury Options, has been acquired by Hestiun, a multinational diversified group of companies. The remaining is being retained by the Founders of the group, including the Managing Director, Nicholas Rhodes. Over the past half-decade, Luxury Options has become one of the leading travel companies in the European and Arabic markets, emerging but rapidly expanding Latin American markets, and in most other popular travel destinations worldwide.

Luxury Options group was founded in 2004, and since its inception has been a high-end service-driven travel company dealing mainly with high net worth individuals to and from the Americas, Europe and the Arabian Gulf. Its first incoming destination was Marbella.

From 2006 onwards, the company rapidly expanded in areas like Dubai and the Far East, South America, the United States as well as consolidated brands such as Beach Options and Desert Options.

Nicholas Rhodes, Managing Director of Luxury Options, comments “We have worked frantically over the years to create a luxury brand recognisable on a global scale. We have a few exciting new projects in the pipeline, ready to launch at the end of Q4 2009 which we feel will bring tremendous value to our clients,
partners, associates and suppliers. These new brands, we feel, will revolutionise the marketplace.”

Richard Granier, Group CEO of Hestiun states “We are extremely proud to have the Luxury Options brand now as part of the Hestiun Group. Travel and hospitality are pillars of our future growth and now, with the right partner on board, we are ready to move forward.”


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