Make a Splash with the Caribbean Skiing Cruise

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Make a Splash with the Caribbean Skiing Cruise

Who says you need to enjoy the benefits of skiing and cruising through the Caribbean Sea separately? Who says you can only ski atop alpine mountaintops? Who knew that it’s possible to combine the excitement of skiing within a largely tropical backdrop filled with blue horizons?

The company (and ship) known as Iglucruise makes this previously unrealistic and impractical idea possible, such that even in the middle of summer you can enjoy the fresh snow powder without making a trip down Canadian or European slopes. To be true, the ability to ski right under the Caribbean sun is an occurrence that needs to be experienced to be believed or even appreciated properly.

Words aren’t enough to convey how outrageous yet totally awe-inspiring this type of trip is for beachgoers, cruise fanatics, and avid skiers alike. At any rate, the organizers of the Iglucruise are proud to announce the launch of this groundbreaking cruise ship that combines both summer and winter passions of the most traveled of vacationers out there. Can you imagine enjoying the perks of these two seasons at the same time, such that both skiing and cruising pleasures are just a stone’s throw away at most?

Thanks to the Iglucruise, you don’t have to imagine it any longer! Loyal customers can literally enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to this one-of-a-kind ship! The Iglucruise ship is capable of carrying over 1,129 people. Furthermore, it will feature a magnificent 150-meter air ski slope that basically sets it apart from all other luxury cruise liners, boats, and sea vessels out there. To be more specific, the ski slope is constructed to maximize your ski-related enjoyment and make it feel as entertaining as the real thing, which is evidenced by its cutting-edge Perma-Snow all-weather ski carpet and its button lift service.


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