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Montserrat Tourism Board - Volcano and PalmAccording to a recent luxury travel survey run by Montserrat Tourist Board, nine out of ten overnight visitors to Montserrat have said they would definitely return to the island paradise. The vacation surveys were accumulated from June 2009 to May 2010 as visitors left Montserrat.

The survey asked visitors to provide feedback and rate various tourism products on the island including places of interest, activities, accommodation and travel experience. The final results are based on 1,182 respondents.

An overwhelming 89% of visitors surveyed said they would definitely return to Montserrat and 90.4% said they would recommend the island as a place to visit. These percentages are largely consistent with the high ratings visitors gave to the Caribbean island’s tourism product offerings and also to the high value for money.

In rating elements of the tourism product, the survey showed that visitors gave the warmth and friendliness of the people the highest score, while volcano watching, hiking and festivals were given the highest ratings in the activities section.

Montserrat‘s director of tourism Ernestine Cassell commented: “Despite the challenges with access and our sometimes temperamental volcano, the results show that Montserrat has a very good tourism product to offer visitors.”


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