Luxury travel ideas for Mother’s Day

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This year for Mother’s Day, you can surprise Mom with incredible gifts that are far from the ordinary flower arrangement or jewelry. Mother’s Day is on May 10 and there’s no better time to start making plans for how best to tell your Mom that she’s the best.

Samara Private Game Reserve is inviting all Moms to indulge in a spirited getaway in the South Africa safari. The safari reserve is offering a special discount for Mother’s Day vacations from May 8-11. Samara is offering a 20% on accommodations as well as a complimentary spa treatment and a bottle of wine from the local vineyards in addition to the amenities included in the traditional accommodation.

Guests at Samara Game Reserve can enjoy a stay in a luxury lodge overlooking the golden savannas or a suite in the elegant Manor at Samara. Amenities include delectable meals prepared by gourmet chefs, house wines and beverages as well as two game drives per day to explore the raw wilderness of South Africa’s beautiful game reserve.

If you really want to sweep her off her feet, look into a private island vacation in an exotic destination like Indonesia. Nikoi Island is a private island resort where you can enjoy luxury resort amenities and service though with the privacy and discretion as if you were on your very own island. Floating off the coast of Singapore, Nikoi Island is an incredible escape and offers private villas accommodating twenty-two guests. It’s the perfect location for a sun-drenched luxury vacation with beaches, yacht charters, tropical jungle and diving excursions into the South China Sea.

Maybe your mother is more of a relaxed beach-going gal. A private villa in St. Martin is the perfect place to enjoy a serene Caribbean vacation far from crowds and right on the water. Jet Set Getaway offers a selection of incredible private villas in St. Martin, from beachside bungalows to palatial estates in the most exclusive communities. Lotus is a brand-new villa that captures the refreshing essence of the Caribbean while maximizing on amenities. Enjoy a spectacular terrace with vistas of the sea and close access to the beach. Lotus is only one of many opulent private villas in the Caribbean from Jet Set, but is definitely a great pick for Mom.

Sometimes the best gifts can be celebrated right at home. What better way to say “thanks” for all those times she made sure you ate your veggies than to treat your mother to a gourmet meal prepared by a private chef anywhere she wants? Esteemed private chefs like Frédéric Rapelli take the gourmet kitchen to any place around the world: in a private villa, on a yacht charter or simply in your own home. With over fifteen years of experience, Frédéric Rapelli’s private chef services transform the regular family meal into an extraordinary culinary escape.

With these ideas in mind, you’re sure to discover that perfect gift for Mom. It’ll definitely be a Mother’s Day that she’ll never forget.

Visit Samara Game Reserve for more information on booking the luxury safari. For the private island, visit Nikoi Island. Check out Frédéric Rapelli’s profile for private chefs and visit Lotus for booking details on the private villa. Photos courtesy of Samara Game Reserve, Nikoi Island and Jet Set Getaway.


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