Pinacoteca and IF Lifestyle Management combine for RoMA event in Rome

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IF Lifestyle Management is preparing for the upcoming event, The Road to Contemporary Art in Rome. Starting on April 2 until April 5, IF’s program for RoMA is the debut association between IF Lifestyle Management and Curated Art Travel Consultant, Pinacoteca NYC.

IF Founder and Director Filippo Cosmelli will personally accompany guests through the four-day event and international fair. In addition to dining and transportation, guests will also enjoy a myriad of activities designed around the second annual contemporary art fair.

The customized program includes curated visits to exhibitions at the art fair, before-hours visit to central fair venue as well as private access to international galleries, foundations and academies. Guests will also enjoy a special lecture by Pinacoteca on The State of the Contemporary Art Market.

IF Lifestyle Management will personally introduce guests to artists, collectors and directors at the fair as well as notable art personalities in Rome. Artists will lead guided tours through avant-garde studios and guests are invited to the RoMA‘s inauguration celebration.

Exclusive on-site Art Advisory from Pinacoteca founder Anna Di Stasi will provide impartial guidance towards building a well-informed collection grounded in the highest levesl of scholarship in today’s market.

By aiming to introduce clients to the multitude of opportunities that often remain unknown; IF Lifestyle Management’s concierge services reveal the full-bodied Italian spirit throughout Rome and the golden countryside. Each client of IF Lifestyle Management is provided with a personal manager to guide them to a largely undiscovered world of art and culture, leisure and entertainment, travel and getaways and world-class events.

Pinacoteca is a unique boutique travel agency with an innovative spin on the luxury travel market: art. Anna Di Stasi created Pinacoteca to provide a luxury travel service designed for a handful of guests to enjoy an incredible cultural experience. Pinacoteca’s Curated Art Travel programs include before- and after-hours visits to New York’s most renowned museums, private lectures on the history of art, auction previews and a personalized selection of fine dining at Michelin Star restaurants.

For more information on the program, please visit IF Lifestyle Management. Photo by malouette.


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