The elegant Private Radosa Club reveals the world of luxury

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The Private Radosa Club is the most elegant link between global brand names of luxury and the new élite of travelers from the east and the Middle East. Founded in 2008, the Private Radosa Club specializes in the personalized creation of luxury travel for wealthy customers of emerging countries.

With its 24-hour access through a password-protected web site, the Radosa Club offers its high-net-worth clientele, from the capitals of eastern Europe and the Middle East, a space of charm and elegance, of privileged meetings with the elite of travel organizers, for which, like haute couture, the club creates custom-tailored and undreamed-of projects.

Radosa is the only link that brings together the brand names and luxury hotels throughout the whole world to the new élite consumers from eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS, and the Middle East.

With twelve years of experience in the field of luxury, and as experts of the culture, needs, and desires of  new high-net-worth clientele, Radosa knows better than anyone how to listen and speak with customers. From legendary palaces of the great capitals, to paradise-like resorts, to lounges in the tropics, to trendy ski resorts, to cultural events or international sports, these new travelers apsire to be in the highest places of power and residence, with private airports and all the enclaves of the world’s wealth.

Radosa’s privileged partners benefit from a first-rate presence in the billionaire circles of the new markets: they know the choiciest destinations and organize exceptional custom-tailored vacations for celebrities and other tycoons in finance whose activities depend on the global gold market.

Contact or at +33.1.56529478.


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