Galactic Suite is a luxury hotel and spa in space, coming 2012

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It’s time to get on board, as thirty-eight people have already made reservations for the luxury space hotel, Galactic Suite. In 2012, four Spaniards will be the first to stay for four days 280 miles from Earth.

The trip includes eighteen weeks of preparation to acclimate and prepare on a Caribbean island for their space travel experience. The hotel aims to provide the same luxury accommodations found in hotels down here on Earth, though with the added thrill of space tourism out in the great beyond.

The hotel is designed in four separate modules that together complete 15 orbits a day, promising a variety of views of the moon and Earth.

Galactic Suite is also introducing the first spa in space in zero gravity that features a 20 liter water bubble. Guests can ‘play’ with this bubble, dividing it into an infinite number of small bubbles. The bathroom is also a weightless environment. Guests are invited to reflect and mediate in astonishing accommodations that are out of this world, pun intended.

The hotel will provide acclimation exercises, gourmet meals and special activities to optimize the space experience.  Guests can explore zero gravity environments and learn about the special conditions outside our atmosphere. There are other activities where guests can float in complete weightlessness.

Photo courtesy of Galactic Suite.


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