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The Sphere is a new exclusive online club connecting boldface names throughout Europe. This new, innovative social network connects business tycoons, law firm partners, leaders of the art and fashion markets, CEOs and jet setters alike. It’s a unique social network for the “Extreme Luxury” set. Sensing a lack of online networking available for the frantic leisure planning of high-powered individuals, Sphere was founded to assist the daily life of these top executives. aims to connect the stock market and business tycoons, top names in the arts market, famous designers, top models, jet setters and other characters in the cosmopolitan, urban population looking for exclusive services within their own select club. offers services within an online VIP area that facilitates contacts, partners and business synergies.‘s founder is an urban executive that was having trouble with his own frantic timetable and balance between work and social life. “My idea is to develop a totally efficient tool enabling such a cosmopolitan elite, choosy in its tastes and choices, to simply get the best it can.” Thus, was created with up-to-date web developments to assist the everyday trials of executives’ non-stop schedules.

This select community has more to offer than online and virtual contacts. Its aim is to pave the way to unforgettable private parties. Owing to an exceptional selection of partners with five star hotels groups, airlines, spas services and more, will enable its members to have access to every possible top customer’s discounts.

New members can sign-up in a two-step process. First, the members must apply with an entrance fee that demonstrates the implication and drive of the applicant. Next, a selection committee will reach a unanimous vote to accept new members who will bring their talents to the other members. This “double hurdle” works as a filtered screening process to guarantee the exclusivity of the club as well as maintain efficiency among member contacts and negotiations.

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