The 5 best locations to celebrate Carnival

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February is here and that means the carnival is coming up. Even though we are still in the middle of winter, there is a party atmosphere that gives people the opportunity to forget the job and the routine for a few days. Carnival is celebrated around the world, but in every city in a different way. Paradizo has put together the top 5 carnival locations in the world for you.


1.     Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A lot of skin, lots of glitter, a lot of samba – that’s what the carnival in Rio de Janeiro looks like. Every year more tourists come to the carnival capital to join in the collective intoxication of the senses, where all the norms of society, class rules and racial barriers for the short time of the carnival are lifted. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is an organized major event. Since its inception in Rio de Janeiro, Carnival has become more and more commercialized. Where the individual parades of Carnival Rio take place depends on which league the samba schools are in. Nowhere else are the costumes so opulent, the floats so magnificently adorned, the parades on the streets almost endless, the music hottest, the exuberance and enthusiasm of the audience so enthusiastic.




2.     Venice, Italy

The carnival of Venice, one of the most famous and popular in the world, its unique atmosphere attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. And it is not only famous, but also has a centuries-old tradition that goes back to the year 1286. Even Casanova loved the hustle and bustle, because he could indulge in his mask through the crowd unrecognized. And until today, the lagoon city seems enchanted when locals and visitors dress up elaborately for a few days of carnival fun. When an “angel” floats down in a confetti cloud from the 99-meter-high Campanile on St. Mark’s Square on February 4, Venice transforms into the most beautiful ballroom in the world. Locals and guests slip into imaginative costumes, stroll through mysterious masks along the canals, and enjoy themselves on rushing balls.




3.     Cologne Germany

The Cologne Carnival is a Rhenish folk festival, which is one of the largest and most famous carnival celebrations in the world. The “fifth season of the year” as Carnival is called here, begins on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. But the real “crazy days” do not start before the so-called Weiberfastnacht (Shrove Thursday), the Thursday before Rosenmontag (Carnival Monday). The “crazy days” of Carnival are celebrated with parties on the streets, in public squares and in pubs. Closing times for pubs and bars are suspended for the duration of the festival. The main events revolve around watching parades in which various city groups march about in costumes with lively floats, but the participants are far from the only ones in costume. In fact, you’ll find yourself feeling quite out of place , no matter what time of day, if you’re without some kind of ridiculous garb, so remember to bring along your face paint and clown shoes.







4.     Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

If you visit Barcelona by chance in February, then you have to experience one of the biggest and most anticipated festivals in Europe: Sitges Carnival! Just 45 minutes south of the city lies the picturesque and usually quiet seaside town of Sitges, which comes to life from 8 February to 14 February through the annual Carnival. This fantastic party is famous for its colorful parades, costumes, masks, folk dances, timeless traditions and of course delicious delicacies! Although the carnival in Sitges may not be as big as in Brazil, this particular Spanish fiesta attracts over 300,000 people each year. In the gay and lesbian capital, carnival is very shrill and eccentric and the moves are unique. In Sitges, the carnival has been celebrated for over 100 years. On Dijous Gras – Dirty Thursday, King Carnestoltes, King Carnival, moves to Sitges. Highlights in Sitges are Rua de la Disbauxa on Sunday and Rua de l’Exterminiam on Tuesday afternoon. Even children will be thrilled by these two parades.





5.    Nice, France

The Nice Carnival is the biggest winter event on the Côte d’Azur and is worth a visit alone. It is internationally known and attracts almost one million visitors from every country every year. Since the thirteenth century, the Mediterranean metropolis has been dominated by carnival activities for two weeks in February each year. The carnival is opened by the arrival of the king. The famous Promenade des Anglais is the backdrop to the carnival parade every year. The procession consists of a total of 18 cars, which are decorated according to the theme of the year. The procession will be accompanied by more than 1000 musicians and dancers from all over the world. On the roadside theater artists and gastronomic specialties wait for the onlookers. Especially the flower parade has attracted many visitors, and so the rain of flowers competes with the flashes of colorful fireworks. Accompanied by the sounds of music, the decorated carriages and paper giants roam the streets of Nice.







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