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Find the perfect venue for your wedding day, have your dream day in the best location

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Luxurious wedding villa in Ibiza

We dream about the day we will get married since we are little babies, mainly because there is so much stuff about weddings, so many movies that show us perfect ceremonies in stunning locations. Hence, we dream about our wedding day but without considering that dreams sometimes come true.

Over the last decade, several couples have made a big effort to celebrate their big day in the magic islands, which are the Balearic Islands. They have spent lots of money and time planning their wedding for no detail to be missed.

Luckily, there are specialized companies which can make all this planning easier. At Paradizo, we help you have the day you have always dreamed of. That is why we thought we should give you some advice before you plan your wedding.

1. Villa. Have your reception, your ceremony and your party all in the same place!

The master piece of the big day. Choosing the right villa will make it possible for your family members to stay with you during the previous days of the wedding and will also give you the chance to have all the celebrations held in only one place: ceremony, lunch and party can be celebrated in the villa so you better consider it.

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Awesome wedding villa in Ibiza

What about a stylish 7 bedroom Ibiza Villa in Cala Vadella? You will be able to provide with accommodation to your closest family members or closest friends. Besides, the fabulous sea views  guarantee a beautiful photo shoot of your wedding best moments.

This villa is separated into three buildings and the garden featuring a large swimming pool offering the perfect place to take in the most stunning views of the Mediterranean and Ibiza’s renowned sunsets.

Are you looking for of a rustic villa? You can rent a unique 500-year-old Ibiza villa restored to modern standards whilst maintaining many of its original features. This Ibiza villa boasts some of the most picturesque views on the island and is also a perfect location to enjoy Ibiza’s famous sunsets.

Mallorca is like Ibiza a well-known destination for wedding celebration. No doubt the possibilities offered by this lively city are endless. For instance, this magnificent 2000 m2 villa in the village of Son Doblons harmoniously combines architecture, art, and nature. For a big ceremony and lots of guests it is just perfect! Each of its seven gardens, totaling 15000 square meters, revolves around a water point, either a source of Arabic style, a system of cascading ponds, a singing fountain or a pool.

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Magnificient villa in Mallorca

2. Views. Get an awesome photo shoot!

Look for the magical effect that nature can bring to your big day. Stunning sunsets, nearby the sea, can create the most romantic of moments and your wedding pictures will be amazing.

3. Season. Skip the peak season and save some money.

The best time of the year to celebrate your wedding, avoiding peak season and guaranteeing lower prices, is either before summer or after it. In short, choose April, May or October. The sunshine and pleasant weather are guaranteed and since is not the peak season prices are lower and there is more availability among different villas.

4. Food. Do you need catering service or prefer a high skilled cook?

The meal is an important asset that your guests will remember so it is necessary to decide if you will request the traditional food of your country or you will prefer surprising your family and friends with an innovative Mediterranean cuisine. Again, in case you feel lost when making this decision you can trust Paradizo professionals. They will arrange different options for you to make the right decision.

5. Those special little things. Need more help with the planning?

Flowers, entertainment and photographer are a MUST in a wedding. That is why when celebrating your wedding out of your country or out of your city you will have to contact local suppliers or increase your spendings by booking known suppliers at your usual city of residence (whom will have  to charge you extra fees for transport and travelling).

It is your choice and your discretion but remember: whatever you need to ask about the most important day of your life, our team is here to help.

And don’t forget: love must be in the air!


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