The Top 10 Contemporary Art Events of Miami in 2017

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If you love art, then you need to make Miami one of your vacation destinations for 2017. The city isn’t just known for its beaches and nightlife. It also has something to offer for those that appreciate contemporary artwork and the imaginations that inspired them. Here are top 10 art shows planned for the city in 2017.

1. Spectrum

Miami’s annual Spectrum event isn’t held until December. However, it’s worth the wait. This contemporary art show features the works of local and international artists, some world renowned and some looking to become the next Van Gogh. Aside from the multiple galleries and exhibits, there are also musical entertainment, art seminars, and meet-and-greets with the artists.




2. Art Miami

Art Miami is one of the biggest art attractions in the country. Each year, it attracts more than 82,000 artists, curators, and collectors from around the world. The 2017 exhibit will mark Art Miami’s 28th annual event. The bulk of work displayed consists of masterpieces from the 20th and 21st century. Art Miami is made possible due to various Miami sponsors, including companies in the real estate and hotel industry. Sponsors will be showcasing their own products and services.



3. Pulse

The PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is another art event that features various works from mid-career artists. The 2016 event contained the works of over 75 artists from the city and other countries. It was especially noted for its entrance area, which featured Miami Marbles, the artwork pictured above. Visitors can upgrade to a VIP pass and gain first access to new art pieces.



4. El Portal’s 3rd Annual Art Fair

This two-day art show will also feature a number of live performances, food trucks, and art-based activities for children. This year’s event will include a musical performance by the band Spam Allstars. Also present at the event is a farmer’s market where local vendors will be selling fresh and organic produce. The event is free to the public.



5. Aqua Art Miami

This event is held at South Beach hotel. It features numerous exhibition rooms and an open courtyard where additional works are displayed. The 2017 event will include the work of 47 international exhibitors showcasing their latest works. Every year, the event draws some of the country’s most prominent collectors and curators.



6. Ink Miami Art Fair

Since its founding in 2006, the Ink Miami Art Fair has attracted hundreds of visitors during its annual festival in December. Its main focus is on contemporary art from renowned international artists. Exhibitors are selected every year by the event’s sponsor, the International Fine Print Dealers Association. As with previous years, the 2017 show will be held at Art Basel Miami Beach Convention Center.




7. NADA Art Fair

This event is held every December in Miami Beach and New York by the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA). The aim of NADA is to provide publicity to lesser known and underexposed forms of artwork. The 2016 event featured work from 17 different countries and consisted of 43 exhibitors whose works were being displayed to the public for the first time.



8. Untitled Art

Untitled Art is an annual event founded in 2012. Every year, staff members select curators, artists, and non-profit groups to take part in its December show. Since 2014, the event has included famous art curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud as among its presenters. Past and present partners for the group has included local Miami companies, such as Art Source Consulting and Modern Luxury Miami Magazine.



9. Satellite Art Show

The Satellite Art Show is held every year as part of Miami Art Week. This art exhibit deviates from conventional art, as most of the works on display can be described as being on the “quirky” side. One of the works on display in 2016, for instance, featured a swimming pool in the lobby filled with giant cereal pieces and a giant carton of milk pouring water into the pool (pictured above).




10. X Contemporary

According to X Contemporary founder Matthew Eck, The X in the name represents an intersection between visual and performing arts. Its goal is to showcase art and provide viewers with an experience unexpected even in the art world. X Contemporary is fairly new, having only been introduced to the Miami art scene in 2015.



There are no shortages of art museums to see in Miami. This is the city to be in if you appreciate the visual masterpieces by renowned and upcoming artists alike.


Hannah Hutchinson is an aspiring interior designer finishing her master’s degree at Central St. Martins College of Arts, currently leading the blog of One River Point. In her free time she tries to fight her wanderlust, with absolutely no success: traveling around the world, getting to know new cultures is her favourite pastime activity.


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