5 Top Marrakech & The Medina Restaurants

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Top Marrakech Restaurants


If you want to feel what it’s like to be wealthy and powerful within this region, then staying and lounging at a Marrakech riad, enjoying their “souk” markets, and visiting their historical landmarks are good places to start. With that said, there’s more to Morocco‘s Red City than just world heritage sites, flea markets, and exotic vacation homes.

Marrakech is also home to glorious, sumptuous fine dining that will make your mouth water and your heart flutter. On that note, here are just some of the best Marrakech restaurants around.

Al Fassia is one of those restaurants that provide a firm balance between knee-buckling ambiance and tongue-swirling deliciousness in terms of fine dining. The exotic Al Fassia is renowned for its steamed vermicelli garnished with pigeon, steamed lamb shoulder, chicken with caramelized pumpkin and lamb with eggplant, and so forth. If you want to dine in style and taste meats you’ve never had at home before, then Al Fassia is the place to be.

At the Medina restaurant of Bo-Zin, it’s renowned as a haute couture hangout as well as an after-dinner den filled with tender tagines of camel with truffles, sumptuous Beluga caviar, and the comfiest cushions as well as low tables. The rich taste of the dishes is well worth their price —especially when you want the very best in Moroccan cuisine.

Although Catanzaro has a humble and assuming exterior, it does not change the fact that it’s qualities has propelled it into becoming on of the most popular Marrakech restaurants out there. It has charming hosts, twenty-year-long experience in the food service industry, and it even offers pizzas with a unique Moroccan touch. You get to have your wood-baked Catanzaro pizzas topped with ham, mushrooms, prawns, and an assortment of unconventional and delicious toppings that will have you asking for more.

Le Tobsil—its name is Arabic for “dish”, and it certainly provides the best dishes around—you’ll be treated with two tagines (poultry and lamb), couscous, a starter, and dessert as its traditional Moroccan fixed menu.

Le Tobsil also offers tea, coffee, pastries, tajine, vegetarian meze dishes, pastillas, and the company of gnawa musicians that create enchanting Moroccan blues for your dining pleasure.

Finally, the establishment of Le Comptoir Darna is a first in Marrakech because it’s the first ever lounge restaurant in the Red City. This restaurant, bar, and boutique in one place offers its cosmopolitan customers with a festive atmosphere, exotic dances, a menu filled with Moroccan and European dishes, and many other things that make it the best of both worlds oriental and occidental.


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