Travcoa Offers Top Luxury Tours in Europe in 2011

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2011’s Newest Fancy European Adventures Unleashed by Travcoa

Yearly, Travcoa releases a collection of extravagant European luxury tours that tourists can choose from. As of the latest, this reputable luxury tourist agency introduced their most up-to-date portfolio that contains an assortment of tours in the most private and the lavish destinations in Europe.

Travcoa continues to produce top-of-the-class tourist packages for the purpose of boosting the tourism of the European continent. This particular tour operator aims to brand Europe as the top-grossing tourist spot and to attract more tourists coming from North America for the purpose of having a glimpse of what this continent has to offer. Of course, this would be brought to life by engaging the foreign visitors into escorted tours across the continent of Europe.

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Top Luxury Tours in Europe

The most recent Travcoa catalog for the year 2011 includes a total of nine different luxury tours among the hottest destination spots in Europe. The escorted tour consists of as many as 18 members and the trip will run for thirteen days. The route of the tour will comprise the popular places among Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. Aside from this, the travelers will also get a chance to visit three of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and the group will also be brought to places that other tourists do not usually pay attention to.

Another luxury tour holiday is a route that includes Macedonia, Albania, and the northern region of Greece and this will last for about sixteen days. The seventeen-day package, on the other hand, will give the tourists a unique experience by means of a tour around Armenia and Turkey. There will also be a quick stopover at the minimally visited places in Italy and about twelve days will be spent for the entire journey.

Tourists may also savor the exciting Lapland Reindeer Safari experience for fifteen days in March 2012. This specific private tour is quite exclusive since it comes with an overnight stay offer at the Ice Hotel in the country of Sweden.

Travcoa truly provides an unforgettable memory for their valued customers with their very own Dine-Around option. To show their deepest gratitude towards their regular clients, they added the said promo to their 2011 tour portfolio. As a matter of fact, Travcoa is the only luxury tour operator that proposes this type of independent dining promo.

Dine-Around is one of the best offers Travcoa has ever come up with since it allows the tourists to eat at a restaurant of their choice and the amount spent in dining will be refunded in full by the tour operator.

Apart from the escorted tour, the latest Travcoa luxury tour portfolio for 2011 also presents an independent type of journey. The portion of the brochure that gives the description of both the pre-priced and pre-packaged offers is called the Independent Journey. This type of package contains private car rentals and guides that are intended for various types of tourists like families, group of friends, and even the couples whose preference lies on a more private expedition.

In line with this, there are ten special Independent Journey options to which the travelers can choose from. Of course, the trip will also consist of electrifying voyages in the other European countries like Poland, Bulgaria, and Corsica.

Travcoa’s tricks are not yet complete as they have also incorporated four voyages via small vessels in their 2011 portfolio. This package is considered to be a product of the business collaboration with Zegrahm Expeditions, a company that is closely related to the luxury tour agency.

The expeditions include a journey into the secluded regions of the Black Sea and Mediterranean. The passengers will be carried by the Clipper Odyssey, a ship that can hold up to 110 travelers. Of course there will also be a planned land travels before and after the luxury cruise.


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