21 Nights in luxury properties, a gift by Ultimate Escapes

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Shopping for the person who has everything? Forget diamonds and over-priced sports cars. This year’s hot gift is all about experiences, not acquisitions: 21 nights in plush, exotic locations around the world as part of an exclusive club.

For just $104,500*, your loved one can enjoy a membership with Ultimate Escapes, the leading destination club in the world. And over the course of the next year, your gift allows them to explore more than 140 elite, luxe properties in more than 50 global locations.

The club combines the comfort and space of a private vacation residence with the service and amenities of a fine hotel. Picky traveler? No problem. Locations range from chic urban apartments to charming beach cottages, spacious five-bedroom homes to an 80-foot private yacht.

And for the value-conscience, a large chunk of the membership dues are refundable (certain restrictions apply, check out the website for complete details www.ultimateescapes.com).

*Pricing based on Premier Silver membership, Membership fee $95,000 plus one year membership dues of $9,500. Additional membership options available.


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