The In-Crowd: wealthy travelers are joining Destination Clubs

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With endless news reports about a falling real estate market, not all discerning travelers are looking to buy a second home. In fact, many affluent Americans are sidestepping the miserable mortgage market and looking towards Destination Clubs.

Last year, exclusive Destination Clubs boasted sales increases between six and eight percent. Especially popular for families with children, many Americans are discovering that the one vacation dream house can’t compare to the endless dream houses offered by Destination Clubs in hot spots like Cabo, Tuscany and Telluride. No matter how extravagant the vacation home, children can get bored, and destination clubs provide a variety of options from luxury Manhattan apartments to Thailand beach villas.

“Destination Clubs are a good alternative for second home resort property buyers that have young families. The Destination Club allows the younger second home buyer the flexibility to enter the market with less risk and more choices than the traditional second home purchase,” says Judy Pierce, a Texas Broker and Resort Second Home Specialist (RSPS) who is owner of Excite Realty. Club membership eliminates any continual personal or financial responsibility for a second home. Many families interested in a vacation home can find comfort in the variety and amenities provided by Destination Clubs, compared with the responsibility and “gets old fast” mentality of owning a second home.

Personal service is pre-arranged by the destination club, allowing the vacationers to spend their time pool-side instead of shopping for groceries. Everything from luxury cars to fresh produce is already waiting for you when you walk into the door of your destination club home. There’s also no need to stress about planning excursions, just say the word to club management and the Destination Club makes all the arrangements.

Why waste the time and money on one vacation beach house when you can have a house in gorgeous beaches around the world, free from maintenance responsibility but full of the luxury you deserve. Destination Clubs are what you’ve been waiting for.

(Source, photo by Sergio Calleja)


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