Why villas can be better option than hotels

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Have private holidays and all the facilities by spending same money

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Why villas can be better option than hotels

Have you ever used an online accommodation booking website to check the best hotels in your holiday destination? If you have done so it is okay. We all have done it at some point. But, we sometimes look for privacy, relaxing, luxury and facilities that cannot be found in such a wide and popular websites.

Hotels can be really stylish and comfy. However, it is difficult to get the exclusivity you are looking for, the freedom to do things as you wish, like having breakfast at your own time, for example. If you rent a villa, you have lots of space for you and your family or friends, you have privacy and you are free to choose the timing of your meals, the amenities you need or even the views you want to have! All avoiding crowds! And guess what, the price will surprise you if you compare it with the rate per night in a nice and posh hotel.

Here it is the reason why Paradizo works everyday to select and offer the best villas to its customers. We become the perfect Travel Advisor not only by selecting the best villas according to client needs but also by addressing more specific requests.

Located all around the world: Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, etc., Paradizo villas offer you an exclusive holiday that you would never get in a hotel.

Tips to select the best villa according to your needs:

  1. Decide how many rooms you need. Are you traveling with family? Are there lots of kids? Will you travel with a group of friends? There is a huge variety of villas serving different needs.
  2. What style you like for your accommodation. Romantic, minimalist, Spanish, child-friendly, luxurious, beach-front, etc.
  3. Type of views you want. Beach, mountain, skyline, ocean…Have you already decided what view you need for your days off? Choose a view that gives you peace,that inspires you, a landscape where you can take the best pictures along with people you love the most. Don´t be shy, no one will look at your photographer techniques or your “sophisticated” selfie stick.
  4. Amenities you need in your villa. Private chef, spa, concierge, outdoor jacuzzi, beauty services, etc.
  5. Facilities you are looking which are nearby. Airport, restaurants, clubs, beaches, historical locations…

There is a villa tailor-made for you out there. Check our website and discover a new way to enjoy holidays.


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