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You’re ready to take that relaxing vacation and get away from it all. You’ve found the perfect villa in the Tuscan countryside and you’re looking forward to a week of wine tasting, exploring hidden villages and eating some of the best food in the world. Why trek into unknown restaurants when you can bring the gourmet cuisine right to your lavish dining room? Private chefs are a fantastic way to have relaxing, stress-free and absolutely delicious meals every day on your luxury vacation.

Have you ever tried an unknown restaurant in an unknown city, only to fumble through a foreign menu and inevitably discover that it wasn’t what you had hoped for? Private chefs completely alleviate your luxury vacation of any culinary risk by specially preparing extravagant meals just for you, exactly to your specifications.

Valdo Verreschi is a premier private chef for your luxury vacation in Tuscany as well as greater Italy, France and southern Europe. Valdo and his wife Sophie run a successful luxury travel service featuring in-house private chef and butler services. Adding an authentic home-made Tuscan charm, the Verreschi service enriches your experience with succulent seafood, flavor-filled sauces and genuine family recipes.

Specializing in Italian Mediterranean cuisine, this private chef is a perfect choice for romantic getaways as well as family holidays. The Verreschis pay special attention to your needs including dietary choices or your favorite dessert. Understanding that no two travelers are the same, Verreschi‘s uniquely professional personal chef and butler services are individually tailored to each vacation.

With over thirty years experience in restaurants, consulting, culinary classes, cookbook publishing, private dinners and even official banquets for world leaders, Valdo Verreschi is an award-winning chef, restaurateur and author that certainly knows his way around the kitchen. Attributing his love of food to a childhood filled with savory meals prepared lovingly by his grandmother and mother in his hometown in Tuscany, he takes these home-grown values and applies them to a refreshing, modern menu of dishes rich in flavor and in keeping with the healthy Mediterranean style.

Stating that their goal is to make your “villa holiday as relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free as possible,” having Valdo Verreschi in your kitchen will easily be the icing on the lavish and luxurious cake.

If you’re interesting in booking Valdo Verreschi and his wife Sophia for exclusive private chef and butler services on your next luxury vacation along the Mediterranean, please contact the Valdo Verreschi Paradizo profile.


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