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France‘s sparkling riviera is getting ready for its biggest event of the year, the ultimate gathering of A-list celebrities and affluent jet-setters, it is the Cannes Film Festival. Join one of the hottest red carpets in the world at the most exciting film festival in the world. The luxury travel market is rolling out a carpet of its own as esteemed companies and sought-after services make sure you can enjoy every moment of your stay in Cannes.

Worldwide Flavors, a hand-selected team of private chefs and culinary professionals, will be on hand for the entirety of the film festival. Led by executive chef Sandra Suria, Worldwide Flavors provides an excellent selection of private chefs that will undoubtedly enhance your luxury vacation in Cannes.

Private chefs are a fantastic way to have relaxing, stress-free and absolutely delicious meals every day on your luxury vacation. The Cannes Film Festival is the perfect excuse to have a private chef create an incredible, gourmet meal that is catered exactly to your tastes and diet.

Starting on May 10, 2009, Executive Chef Sandra and the Worldwide Flavors team of private chefs, including the newest member of the team, Chef de Cuisine Andy Viren, will be available for private cooking at Cannes and the surrounding Côte d’Azur.

For the cost of a night out and in the comfort of your private villa in Côte d’Azur, these private chefs will prepare your favorite family recipes, pot luck dinners, cocktail gatherings, in-home entertaining, wine tastings, backyard parties or any of their renown signature dishes.

Private chefs from Worldwide Flavors use nothing but the finest sustainable foods and freshest ingredients. From your favorite comfort food to vegan, Zone, Atkins, raw food, ethnic specialties to the finest desserts and cuisine, their network of acclaimed chefs represent some of the most innovative and celebrated culinary experts in the world.

If you’re interested in booking these private chefs for your next vacation or any special occasion, contact Worldwide Flavors through their Paradizo profile. Photo of Cannes by Olivier Barneau.


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