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October has a lot to offer Sydney food lovers with culinary activities including the Sydney International Food Festival and the local Chippendale Food for the Future Fair 2009. You could find so many exciting new food ideas as well as watching top Australia personal chefs and local chefs performing and cooking up a storm. There are other events not solely focused on food – but still with a lot of offer. The Danks Street Festival, on Danks and Young Streets, Waterloo has some great local chefs in a cooking show, farmer produce and live entertainment.

With the warmer weather now settling in, the selection of fruit and veg this month is pretty exiting with some not so common fruit and vegetables available such as Cumquats, Pomelos and Artichokes. This month ZCC Personal Chef is offering incredible recipes and dishes using the delectable seasonal fruits and veggies. ZCC strives to provide more than simply a world-class personal chef experience. It delivers memorable experiences with sumptuous food, wine and a fantastic atmosphere.

Photo of Sydney Opera House by Linh r0m: www.flickr.com/photos/linh_rom/2270171257


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