Cousine Island is a lavish private island resort in Seychelles

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Imagine a private island all to yourself with every amenity and service of a luxury resort. Add to this idyllic scene an abundance of raw wilderness; flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Cousine Island allows guests to enjoy the sort of peace and tranquility experienced in an untouched paradise but with every modern comfort.

On this private island resort, guests can slip into the leisurely pace of simplicity in the privately owned nature reserve. Built out of largely local materials and resources, Cousine Island is an ecoluxury success that sets the standards for conservation and sustainability to an unprecedented height. At 25 hectares (62 acres) in size, it’s the only island of its size entirely free of alien mammals and is 100% dedicated to the preservation of the Seychelles environment.

Each of the four private villas open onto white powdery beaches that spill into the sparkling Indian Ocean. Two of the four villas can accommodate three guests, however the elegant villas were specifically designed for a romantic getaway for two. Designed in the French Colonial style, these four villas maximize romantic privacy and discretion while downplaying the impact on the natural beauty.

The private villas of Cousine Island have spacious bedrooms, separate lounges, large bathrooms with Jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor showers as well as two verandas each. Guests can enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding beauty; by staying on the private island, guests contribute to the funding needed to secure its harmonious future.

Activities include exploring the private island with the resident conservation officer, snorkeling and kayaking. Guests can also explore the variety of endemic wildlife through exciting bird watching tours as well as walks guided by expert ecologists. Relax in the exquisite spa that offers products from Ligne St Barthe in a wellness retreat.

Cousine Island captures the natural harmony of the Seychelles before the arrival of man, yet no creature comfort is compromised in this lavish private island resort.

For more information, please contact Cousine Island on their Paradizo profile. Photos courtesy of Cousine Island Seychelles.


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