Ecoluxury Fregate Island Private Plants 100,000th Tree

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Fregate Island Private in Seychelles

Over the past 11 years, Frégate Island Private has proven itself to be one of the hotel industry’s foremost entities in ecological reform. This past September, Frégate Island Private crossed yet another milestone when it planted the 100,000th tree in its endemic hardwood program.

This major step is yet another achievement for Frégate’s reforestation efforts. In addition to the endemic hardwood program, Frégate Island Private plants two trees for every guest who arrives at the resort. This is one of the many facets of a concerted effort to become a carbon neutral enterprise.

When the Seychelles was colonized, much of the natural forestation was destroyed and coconut trees were planted in their place. Frégate Island Private has boldly led a campaign to replenish their island’s supply of natural trees and is well on its way to becoming the largest nursery of hardwood trees in the Indian Ocean.

The 100,000th tree planted was an endemic Ficus tree, a genus that prospers in the rocky underground of the Seychelles islands. Reforestation is but one of the many conservation practices executed at Frégate Island Private. With buildings and infrastructure occupying only 5% of the island, the remaining 95% is in a restored natural state which has allowed for several endemic species of wildlife and flora to avoid extinction.

Exclusivity in every respect is the maxim of Frégate Island and the preservation and protection of the island’s unique flora and fauna is one of its proudest achievements. With 16 villas, only a selected number of guests have the prestige to fulfill their dream of a stay in paradise. The island remains private to Frégate guests only, making it an ideal refuge for the discerning traveler, ensuring the rare feeling of a truly tropical island paradise.


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