Richard Branson’s Underwater Plane for Necker Island

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Necker Island plane: NymphVirgin founder and entrepreneur Richard Branson has recently unveiled his most recent development on conquering the luxury travel industry. The Necker Nymph is an underwater plane that can dive up to 130 ft. underwater.

Guests who stay at the Branson private island Necker Island will be offered the chance to enjoy the Nymph plane for $25,000 while staying on the island.

Following Branson’s vocal dedication to environmental preservation, Virgin claims that Nymph has “near-zero” environmental impact and its low light and noise emissions aims to avoid disturbing the ocean ecosystem. The Nymph can reach speeds of 2-5 nautical miles per hour and holds two guests and the pilot.

Passengers prepare for the “flight” by completing scuba diving training before boarding the Nymph. Considered part plane, part submarine, (actually known as an aero-submarine), Nymph glides seamlessly through the ocean and will whisk passengers into the world of shipwrecks, reefs and life underwater.

Necker Nymph is expected to arrive on Necker Island at the end of February.


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