All-Inclusive Luxury at Turtle Island in Fiji

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All-inclusive vacation packages may conjure images of high-rise resorts and cookie-cutter guest services. However, this mass-tourism spectacle is a thing of the past and highly-regarded luxury travel services are developing all-inclusive packages catering to the current economic climate. Pay everything upfront and enjoy every activity, beach, meals, cocktails and more on this lavish private island.

Fiji has long been a popular destination for discerning travelers eager to relax on powdery beaches, slip into blue lagoons and explore lush green landscapes. With this magical hideaway, you can have all this and more on a private island and all-inclusive luxury vacation. Turtle Island is an incredible choice for honeymoons and couples looking to celebrate special occasions on a romantic getaway. Completely indulge, let paradise wash over with you and relax, it’s yours for the taking.

The All-Inclusive Package features your own private two-room beachfront cottage on the shores of the Blue Lagoon, and includes all meals, all beverages (including fine wines, spirits and champagne), all activities, a complimentary massage, laundry services and a Bure Mama house manager that is fully dedicated to caring for your trip from start to finish.

That’s the technical information, but the true seduction is the private island itself. Turtle Island, part of the Yasawa Group is found among colorful reefs and turquoise lagoons in the South Pacific’s Republic of Fiji. As soon as Richard Evanson set foot on the sandy shore, he fell in love. Acquiring the private island in 1972, Evanson decided to share the romantic eden with discerning travelers. Now, the private island is an exclusive retreat where guests enjoy the comfort and warmth of visiting an old friend in an absolutely spectacular location.

Each of the fourteen bures, or beachfront villas, is a dreamy and intimate cottage overlooking the famous Blue Lagoon. Your personal Fijian Bure Manager will take care of your dream luxury vacation from snorkeling trips, private picnics, sailing excursions to candlelit dinners on your own reserved beach. The private island is home to fourteen gorgeous beaches that are perfect for picnics, working on a tan or taking a stroll at sunset.

This unspoilt island is your place to discover. The private island is available to rent for your wedding, party or simply to have the island just for the two of you. Whether it’s your honeymoon, anniversary or simply a romantic getaway, Turtle Island is an idyllic escape into paradise.

For more information, please visit Turtle Island. Photos courtesy of Turtle Island.


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