Vote for Desroches Island as Seychelles’ Leading Resort

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Vote for Desroches Island as Seychelles' Leading Resort

The luxurious, highly celebrated, and world-renowned Desroches Island has recently been nominated by the prestigious award-giving body of World Travel Awards as “Seychelles’ Leading Resort“. This should come as no surprise to the island’s most avid visitors, for the award-winning resort has already received such accolades as Sunday Times Travel Magazine’s “Best 100 Hotels in the World” and Forbes Magazine’s “Top 10 Remote Hotels in the World”. Even without these awards, the private island resort‘s attention to detail and constant maintenance of world-class standards have made it a contender of one of the best resorts you’ll ever see in your lifetime, bar none.

Affectionately referred to by the Wall Street Journal as the “Travel Industry’s Academy Awards“, the eighteen-year-old World Travel Awards was founded in order to celebrate, reward, and acknowledge hotel and resort excellence across all fields and industries of the global tourism front.

Desroches Island has always strived to total customer satisfaction by raising the bar every time in terms of the vacation experience. This is because the resort is aware that quality customer experience is a key factor that governs the success of an organization or company regardless of the market, most particularly in the tourism and destination vacation field. The mere fact that Desroches Island has been nominated for such a prestigious and in-demand award is testament to its continuing efforts to maintain its high standards of exclusive and secluded resort service.

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There are also twenty-five four-bedroom villas and one Presidential Villa available in the resort, so it serves as a secluded and personal experience for friends and families looking for a vacation place they could call their own for a week or so. Its outstanding level of quality is known throughout travelers’ circles as legendary in their own right, as evidenced by its twenty spacious air-conditioned suites, its swimming pool that doubles as a central social hub, its dining room filled with various worldwide dishes, and an ideally built building that’s quite accessible to the west-facing beach. Let’s not forget the Desroches Island resort’s green lawns, tropical gardens, palm trees, and breathtaking beachfront panorama worthy of a travel magazine’s centerfold picture or cover.

Moreover, the resort’s villas are flawlessly arranged on the flawless and untarnished beaches that are surrounded by vibrant green foliage. From its entertainment packages to its fine dining experience, you’ll never find the Desroches Island wanting. At any rate, Desroches Island is quite proud and delighted to receive such a nomination. It considers it an honor and an achievement. It aims to continue its legacy of excellence by providing its customers impeccable service every single day. Just click on the link to vote for Desroches Island at the World Travel Awards.


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