PrivateFly Makes 2011 Private Jet Industry Predictions

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2011 Private Jet Industry Predictions from PrivateFly

Right off the bat, the owners PrivateFly predict 2011 as an exciting year of positive change and success in the private jet domain. More to the point, based on evidence of the industry’s cautious yet certain post-recession recovery flight path, PrivateFly feels quite confident with how the private jet field will soon achieve greater levels success in the coming year.

To be more specific, the founder and CEO of PrivateFly himself, Adam Twidell, believes that 2011 is the year wherein private jet enthusiasts can look forward to a brave new world full of high-class services and company growth. PrivateFly itself has been a great, dependable stronghold for the industry for the last twelve months despite the long recession.

Just this 2010, PrivateFly has taken advantage of the opportunities presented to it, which eventually led to greater levels of short-term enquiries and bookings from airline failures due to industrial action, ash clouds, and snowfalls. It’s a resilient company that’s capable of making lemonades out of lemons, so the promise of the New Year invigorates it and its staff and crew.

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As 2011 rolls along, it’ll be looking forward for more chances to acquire cutting-edge advancements, consumer benefits, and changes that its clients will certainly adore. The future is bright, and a survivor like PrivateFly can blossom and succeed under any circumstance, so it’s happy to work under a much more stable economy that assures bigger and better things to come.

In any case, PrivateFly predicts a more cost-conscious industry for the upcoming year. This trend emerged mainly from the private jet business field adapting to the economic recession’s long-term consequences. Cost consciousness is a permanent priority of private jet providers that both leisure and business users will approve of simply because it allows them more affordable flights and more transparency from the airline brokers and operators themselves, so to speak. One other trend that private jet firms will surely embrace is new advancements in jet booking technology. PrivateFly forecasts that services like improved booking functionality and intuitive online search will be available to consumers and the so-called jet-setters once 2011 rolls around.

Without a doubt, the ubiquitous spread of the Internet (including its accessibility to, say, tablets and smartphones through mobile apps) has played a large part in changing the way people book their flights as well as keeping the private jet industry afloat despite certain financial setbacks in the world economic front. To be true, PrivateFly embodies this trend with its services and mere existence. Besides, it’s an inevitable future trend because it truly is convenient to be able to search and shop for prices online. VIP phone services for booking may remain the popular norm, but Internet booking is fast becoming a viable alternative.

As for aircraft trends, PrivateFly believes that certain aircraft types will become the favored vehicles to use for flying in 2011, and it mostly roots from the developing needs and preferences of today’s jet-flying customer. Size is also going to be a major factor for aircraft choice. For instance, the small-to-medium-sized jet charters will be depending on the Embraer Phenom 300 in the coming months thanks to the Embraer brand’s long legacy of excellent service in that category.

Furthermore, the “empty legs” or one-way repositioning flights will also become the preferred method of travel by premium leisure customers as the private jet industry carries on with its efforts to coordinate supply and demand.

Industry consolidation is among the most promising predictions PrivateJet has made. Because of present circumstances, the private jet business field is more likely than not heading for a whole slew of mergers and buyouts. In order to become a healthier and tougher industry at the end of the day, smaller players will soon be joining forces and bigger players will soon be merging with others to create a less fragmented environment. On that note, there’ll be increased travel industry integration as well. In other words, the private jet charter will soon be integrated as a standard travel option for premium leisure and business travelers.

The rise of the charter segment is also a promising, upcoming development PrivateFly is hoping for because if it ever comes to pass, it will serve as a major opportunity for new sector growth and evolution. The improvement in VIP service levels and the aforementioned increased transparency when it comes to pricing will consequently increase the charter industry’s appeal and compel existing private jet users to migrate from other options. Chartering a private jet plane will eventually become the trusted and most cost-effective travel choice, so to speak.

Finally, there’s a lot to be said about the emerging private jet markets in China and India. China is a preferred market because it will soon relax regulation and expand its airports to accommodate this profitable market. India, on the other hand, offers high-net-worth businessmen who’ll drive demand for revolutionizing the aviation authority of the country. Indeed, even though the market has suffered several setbacks due to the present economic landscape, there are windows of opportunities for growth and profits aplenty for this field; all you really need to do is look for them and take advantage of them in order to be ahead of the pack.


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