CorporateJets debuts new private jet: Falcon 2000XL at Barcelona Air Show

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CorporateJets has grown into one of Barcelona‘s top private jet firms providing executive flights from Barcelona International Airport. Just last week, CorporateJets was on hand at the 2009 International Air Meeting (IAM). The private aviation company was not only an event sponsor but also exhibited two special aircrafts, Cessna Citation XLS and Falcon 2000LX.

The private jet Falcon 2000LX stunned the crowd at the International Air Meeting with its plush furnishings and spacious interiors. Set against the elegant international Barcelona Airport, the private jet was the epitome of sleek design, smart construction and fine details. The private jet‘s debut was well-received and a great start for the jet’s opening season.

CorporateJets offers private jet services dedicated to client preferences and stress-free punctuality. The company arranges everything according to each client’s demands and in-flight services such as catering, music, press, communications and languages, as well as reception upon arrival.


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