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ExecFlyer Top 5 Private Jet Charters

Private Jets are the most luxurious way to travel, but what is the best of the best? Execflyer asked their  clients what aircraft they preferred, and why they preferred them.

In at number 5 was the Cessna Citation X, Cessna’s flagship aircraft. Whilst it does have a very spacious, quiet and relaxing cabin, this isn’t the reason it features here. Our clients liked it for another, very special attribute. Speed. This Ferrari of the skies will fly at mach .92, making it the fastest way to travel today. Its sleek, elegant design also makes it very easy on the eyes.

Fourth on the list is the timeless Gulfstream, specifically, the G550. This aircraft does everything you would expect it to, with a full stand up cabin, a range of 6750 nautical miles, and a cruise speed of Mach .80. The air charter clients liked the space in the cabin, and the ability to fly non-stop to almost any destination. The gulfstream is the most widely used jet for long range charters in the world.

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At number three, it was a podium finish for the French built Dassault Falcon 7X. This three engine jet is one of the most impressive aircraft available, with a large cabin, and a very quiet interior. The 7X can also get into shorter runways than other aircraft of that size, giving passengers a bigger choice of airfields.

Coming in a close second, is the Bombardier Global Express. This really is the ultimate true business jet, with the largest cabin, a high cruise speed of mach .85, and a range of over 6000 nautical miles. Preferred by everyone who flies on it, once you have been on a global, you will never go back!

In first position though, for obvious reasons, is the BBJ, the Boeing Business Jet. The BBJ brings in new levels of luxury to the business jet market, with a full airliner cabin, that includes bedrooms, showers and board rooms to name a few of the facilities available. The BBJ can carry up to 52 people in first class seats, or as little as 18 in a full VVIP configuration, and has a range of up to 6200 nautical miles.


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