New offers and jet card programs for Flexjet private jets

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Flexjet, the fractional business jet ownership program of Bombardier, is rolling out a series of programs and enhanced features to entice private jet use and fractional jet ownership around the world. One program is dedicated to owners making turnaround trips and the other includes features of the Flexjet Jet Card.

Launched in early February, the Round Trip Pricing program reduces the cost of one- or two-day round trips for owners committed to at least 100 flight hours per year. The program, the first of its kind in the sector, comes in response to feedback from owners looking for more cost-effective, short-haul travel.

This latest program from Flexjet rewards the increased operational efficiency gained when a fractional owner books both legs of a round trip in advance, thus maximizing active flight and crew time. Flexjet owners will see savings applied to both their hourly rate and Fuel Component Adjustment fees. The result is a 15 percent price reduction for each hour of a qualifying round trip and can save owners thousands of dollars for each flight flown. The reduced rate is available for Day Trips and Night Trips booked in advance.

Flexjet has also introduced new features to the Flexjet 25 Jet Card program which give prospective jet card owners versatile payment and aircraft selection options. These new Jet Card features are available on the full Flexjet fleet of Bombarier private jets including  Learjet 40, Learjet 45, Learjet 60, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604. The new features include a split-payment option that facilitates Flextjet 25 jet card ownership and a combination jet card for a customized selection of any two aircraft from the full Flexjet 25 fleet.

The Flexjet 25 split-payment option provides prospective Flexjet 25 Jet Card owners the benefit of dividing the purchase price of a 25-, 30- or 35-hour jet card into two equal payments. The first half of the payment is made at the time of purchase. The second half of the payment is due after six months or upon scheduling more than half of the purchased flight hours.

Flexjet 25 Jet Card owners now have the benefit of purchasing 50 percent of their total hours in one aircraft type and 50 percent of the remaining hours in another aircraft type, chosen from the entire Flexjet 25 fleet with no additional fees. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, jet card owners experience ultimate flexibility by choosing the optimal combination of aircraft to meet their unique and evolving needs.

“The Flexjet 25 Jet Card program provides the flexibility and customization that businesses and individuals are looking for, especially given the current economic climate,” said Mr. Levesque. “This program offers not one but two pragmatic options to make jet card ownership even more attractive and versatile. “The split-payment option is aimed at first-time jet card owners who might find two payment installments less daunting than one,” Levesque continued. “The combination card significantly expands the options available to cardholders, allowing them to choose a variety of private jets from the youngest fleet offered by any jet card program.”

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