Jet Unlimited Private Jet Charter offers Empty Legs for Holidays 2010

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Jet Unlimited Empty Leg Offers Holidays 2010 Jet Unlimited air charter company is currently offering private jet flights for special availability on their remaining empty legs starting this week. The empty leg offer invites guests to fly in a private jet at a fraction of the normal price.

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Empty Legs 50% Discount

Take advantage of an empty leg and save up to 50% on the cost of a normal charter. The empty legs offered by Jet Unlimited include a wide variety of detsinations around the world. Please see the best available ‘empty legs’ that are currently on the market. Feel free to contact Jets Unlimited to find if they have available private jets that suit your travel dates.

Empty legs are the unsold segments on a private jet. The Jet Unlimited Empty Legs available include international flights starting this weekend. The available empty legs include flights out of Geneva, Zurich, London, Madrid, Moscow, St Maarten, Rome, Milan and Cannes.


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