Jet Unlimited New Private Jets in Romania

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Jet Unlimited Citation Private Jet in RomaniaJet Unlimited is an luxury private jet broker main based in Hague, The Netherlands. With operating bases in Bucharest, Romania Jet Unlimited offers its air charter clients high class private jet traveling services all around the globe, having access to a young and modern fleet of jets. Besides flying private, Jet Unlimited assists its clients in the purchasing and leasing process of private jets.

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Jet Unlimited is proud to offer its clients a Cessna Citation Sovereign private jet, based on Bucharest Otopeni airport. The Sovereign is made to to fit all your needs. A luxurious cabin, in-flight entertainment, great performance and a large range.

Enjoy your meal and champagne served by a charming airhostess during your flight. If you need a fast connection, Jet Unlimited is immediately able to arrange a jet. Prepare your meeting while flying with a speed of 850km/h.


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