Luxury in the Sky with Jet Republic

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Jet Republic is a new private aviation company recently launched across Europe and is claiming to redefine the private jet business. It will fly to over 1,000 airports in Europe with the largest European business aircraft order ever, worth $1.5 billion for 110 Bombardier Learjet 60 XR aircraft. The new enterprise is funded through an agreement with leading Austrian private bank Euram Bank and an association of its clients.

Jet Republic claims to set a new standard for private jet companies. The impressive aircrafts, resembling luxury hotels in the clouds, have customized interior designs, concierge services and the latest in safety and security. The Jet Republic Private Jet Club offers two members programs: Share Ownership or the Private Jet Card.

Share Ownership allows jet owners to purchase or lease a fractional share of a Learjet 60 XR through payments equal to the hours they desire, starting at 50 hours a year. Share ownership allows members to enjoy their private jet travel as they use it without management responsibilities or the large investment.

The Private Jet Card members are given access to flight time by purchasing 25 hours or more without any further commitment. The simple one-off payment gives members all the benefits of private aviation. Prices start at €130,000 (approximately $186,000).

Bombardier’s Learjet 60 XR is known for its high-speed performance, comfort and functionality while continuing to define the private aviation sector. Jet Republic’s fleet has tailor-made accommodations with the latest communications – including in-flight wireless connectivity – improved seating and up-to-date security systems. It also boasts fuel efficiency, time-saving capabilities, reduced air traffic noise and less turbulence. Passengers can enjoy iPod videos, delicious meals and steaming espresso served by a multilingual flight attendant.

(Photo of Jonathan Breeze, Jet Republic CEO and Viktor Popovic, Jet Republic President & Euram Bank CEO with new Jet Republic private jet: courtesy of The Jet Republic)


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