Paramount Business Jets for Luxury Air Charters

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Paramount Business Jets for Luxury Air Travels

Paramount Business Jets surely provides just the right kind of service needed by the businessmen who go out for a lot of work-related journeys. These individuals put all their trust in this company due to their large collection of transport services that include around 15,000 private jets and planes. Furthermore, around 1,500 partners share favorable rates thus allowing the clients to afford the fees that are related to their air charter necessities.

Paramount’s business strategy is quite clear, which lets the company to offer fees that are about 20%-40% lesser than the average travel fees in today’s market. Moreover, they are able to present to their customers quality private jets like Gulfstream550, Boeing business jets, and Hawker 400XP.

Another good quality that is demonstrated by Paramount is that the company has a long list of private jets all over the world. As of the moment there are about a hundred or so unfilled charters in the Paramount’s list which then permit the clients to save about 75 percent from the fee through the unoccupied charter flights.

Common customers of Paramount may also try the Jet Card Membership Program, which has four different membership types and each category has a corresponding fixed management charge ranging from 10 percent to 15 percent. The special benefit that the clients can achieve from the Paramount Jet Card Membership Program is the immunity from the Federal Excise Tax of about 7.5 percent.

The clients who chose to obtain a membership card are given the actual figures of flight fees and they are also informed about discounts that are being bargained. The information supplied by the Paramount Business Jets regarding the negotiated and broker discounts helps the members to become familiar about the way the company charges as well as the average rates in the market.

According to Eric Ammon, Paramount Business Jets’ sales and services senior vice president, the gains in the overall charge are usually screened by the private jet charter dealers. Hence, the clients do not know if they were actually paying a reasonable fee in their contract whenever they negotiate with the agents.

In order to avoid this from happening, the company presented their Jet Card Model to the customers. In return, the Paramount patrons will become assured that they are actually paying just the right amount of money for the jet charters.


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