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Just recently, private aviation specialist PrivatAir renewed its long-term contract with partner airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. PrivatAir will continue providing their unprecedented business-class only flights between Amsterdam and Houston, a prime transatlantic flight used by many high-profile companies and employees.

In operation for over 30 years, PrivatAir is a leading international business aviation group that offers a variety of private aviation services. PrivatAir provides private aviation shuttles for companies and airlines as the first intercontinental business-class only airline service in the world. These regularly scheduled flights for employees or clients guarantees flexibility, security and confidentiality. In addition to its superb business-class only international flights such as Dusseldorf-Chicago, Munich-New York, Zurich-New York and Amsterdam-Houston, it is a leader in the private jet charter sector.

Private jet charters provide on-demand jet charters every day to a wide range of clients, from royalty to basketball stars and everyone in between. PrivatAir guarantees a two-hour response time in providing clients with an aircraft suitable to all their travel needs.

In Geneva, PrivatAir provides private ground services for all private jet charter clients to ensure a smooth travel experience door to door. PrivatAir guarantees first-class service for all private jet passengers, including luggage assistance, refreshments or personal requirements in the lounge and smooth customs and immigration clearances. When necessary, flights can also be reorganized to avoid delays for a passenger’s journey.

In addition to private jet charters and grounds services, PrivatAir also extends its quality service to aircraft sales and management. PrivatAir is also currently evaluating the prospect of joining a carbon off-setting scheme to reduce its environmental impact.

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