Life for Inner peace Spa Programs by Kempinski Hotel Barbaros

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“Life for Inner peace” Spa Programs by Kempinski Hotel Barbaros

People cannot literally escape from the never-ending pressures of life and for this reason did Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay design a new and exclusive program for their customers and this is known as the “Life for Inner Peace” Spa Programs. There are three choices to choose from and these are the three-day, five-day, and seven-day wellness program. In this few days of rest, the guests will surely be able to relax their soul, body, and mind.

The “Life for Inner PeacePrograms will include of exercises, spa treatments, and therapies. Also, the guests will be able to experience the services offered by the Six Senses Spa as part of the program.

Customers who are interested may book for a week of relaxation at Kempinski Hotel Barbaros, which is found at Bodrum’s coasts of Aegean. The price for the three-day program is 475 Turkish Lira or £184. But then, this still does not include of the stay at the hotel.

The three-day program involves a color therapy in which colors will be utilized thus improving and refreshing one’s sense of touch. Furthermore, the guests will also be able to take advantage of the hot stone massage and the soothing reiki. The activity will take as long as 2 hours and 50 minutes for about three days. And, the cost of this program is 457 Turkish Lira.

Meanwhile, the five-day program will also include the color therapy and reiki. Plus, guests will be provided with an all-inclusive massage and the foot acupressure. Furthermore, the people who will avail of the five-day package will have the chance to experience the watsu water treatment in which their body’s flexibility will be improved. The length of the program is longer in which it will take about 4 hours and a half hours. The price of this program is greater as well and is about 785 Turkish Lira and the cost of lodging is not included.


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