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Experience Premchit Resort in Phuket

Forget anything you’ve heard about a “spa resort” because here is the real deal. Designed around careful investiagion and painstaking research, Experience | Premchit introduces a brand-new concept combining travel with a full, truly rejuvenating wellness retreat. As the world’s first self-actuated wellness retreat, Experience | Premchit Wellness offers a dedicated and unwavering attention to your lifelong wellbeing.

Experience | Premchit just launched this past October with a Natural Detox Retreat in Phuket. Premchit seeks to meet the increasing interest in wellness and the growing demand for knowledgeable and experienced guidelines to leading happier, healthier lives. Their collaboration with hotels allows them to delve whole-heartedly into wellness, leaving the travel aspect of your stay to the exotic destinations and extraordinary resort services.

Simply put, you can enjoy a full luxury vacation doing things you like to do – beach days, shopping, sailing, etc. – but with the added bonus of treatment sessions concentrating solely on your wellbeing with experienced trainers and detoxification professionals.

Paresa Thalung Thai restaurant in Phuket - Premchit Retreat“Everything included in the Retreat has a reason for being there,” explains founder Premchit Prateap Na Thalang. From the resort and location chosen to the cuisine and beverages served, everything has been carefully selected with the body, mind and soul’s wellbeing in mind.

Experience | Premchit is just as it sounds – a full experience devoted to renovating your lifestyle to live a happy, healthy life. The team who developed the Premchit concept does not buy into the “cold turkey” methods of many detox retreats – instead they seek a realistic balance for each client to help them make smart choices and truly rejuvenate their way of being. It’s not just a detox getaway – it’s a lifestyle change.

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Phuket Wellness Resort Retreat

The first Premchit Wellness Retreat in Paresa, a top luxury resort in Phuket is welcoming its first guests this holiday season. Premchit is not only for the post-holiday detox, its well-founded treatments and therapeutic sessions aim for long-lasting results.

The Natural Detox Retreat is available in 3, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 day programs, each highly effective and providing either a “jump-start” to a new wellness lifestyle or an “intensive-refresh” of an existing lifestyle. If you choose to do a 3-day treatment, you can combine it with a few extra days staying at the resort. Throughout your treatment, you also have free time to see the sites and enjoy the gorgeous beaches at Phuket.

Extending out dramatically from the stunningly sculptured cliff tops of Kamala over-looking the spectacular azure blue waters of the Andaman Sea, surrounded by lush tropical forests and gardens, Paresa embraces the exclusivity of its natural surroundings to create an oasis of relaxing tranquility and unrivalled luxury, the perfect place to Experience | Premchit Wellness Retreats.

“Guests have the flexibility to experience their retreat with any of the unique luxury resort partners and the privacy to do their retreat by themselves or with a friend or family member, as well as the enjoyment of combining their retreat with a holiday at an exotic destination, where the journey in retreat to wellness is a profound personal experience,” explains Premchit.


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